3-D Precision Machine Expands to Accommodate Growing Manufacturing Industry Requirements:

May News


3-D Precision Machine is moving in the direction of continued growth daily in response to expanding momentum in the aerospace and medical fields.  Manufacturing and cutting edge technological innovation is growing exponentially in the US and 3-D Precision Machine is proud to be part of that growth.  In response to the increased needs, 3-D Precision Machine has recently added manufacturing equipment, square footage and staff to meet the growing demand.

The long term vision founder, Roy Luoma, began in 1998 when he founded 3-D Engineering Corp, a product development company.  In 2005 he established 3-D Precision Machine, a manufacturing company that would augment the engineering development efforts of 3-D Engineering Corp.

During the last (6) years, 3-D Precision Machine has grown significantly outside of internal manufacturing needs.  It offers customers a seamless engineering interface for production of custom manufactured components and assemblies.

“Having Engineering and manufacturing co-located is such an asset to our customers.  It helps to reduce manufacturing time and insure repeatable quality ” states Roy.

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