3-D Precision Machine- Open to Support During COVID-19 Crisis

The 3-D Precision Machine Team recognizes that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty. As the pandemic has accelerated, we are receiving questions about our business operations; rest assured that we are running at 100% capacity.

With some states requiring non-essential workers to stay home, we have received questions about our business operations. 3-D Precision Machine is deemed to be an essential business under all state and federal standards and, barring some unforeseen circumstances, we plan to continue our operations to serve you.

We are prioritizing government contracts. This includes the fulfillment of orders subject to the President invoking the Defense Production Act. This act requires us to prioritize properly rated orders in the defense, homeland security and health and human services sectors. We are adhering to the guidelines. We are committed to providing you timely updates on product availability and delivery. At the present time, we do not see major disruption within our supply chain but will keep you updated if we see disruption on the horizon.

We recognize that the pandemic is creating many challenges. Our team stands ready to continue to support you. Our team will be in regular contact via phone, email and videoconferencing when in-person meetings are not viable.

Please feel free to reach our office at (951) 296-5449 with any concerns.

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