Quality Assurance

QA3-D Precision Machine’s quality statement:

“3-D Precision Machine provides fabricated components and assemblies that meet Customer requirements for High Quality, Reliability and On time Delivery.”

3-D Precision Machine maintains a thorough quality assurance program that is ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 Rev D Certified. Practical application of military (MIL-SPEC) and industry specifications (ANSI Standards). Standards guarantee consistent product conformance.

100% Inspection
First Article Inspection/ Inspection Report
Quality Certifications provided

Quality Inspection Equipment
DCC Wenzel CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)inspection resized
DCC RAM Optical CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
Mitutoyo Optical Comparator
Trimos Metrology
Reinshaw Probing in Machines
Height Gages
Bore Gages
Surface Plates
Various Size Gage blocks
Various Thread Plug Gages
Various Ring Gages
Various Size Pin gage pins
Various blocks and parallels
Angle plates
3 Point Micrometers
Mitutoyo Profilometer
Various Travel Indicators
Drop Plates with Indicators
Sine Bars
Air Bearings
Various size special pin gages
Mitutoyo Test Indicators
Interapid Test Indicators
Other miscellaneous and specialty measuring devices and equipment

Calibration is maintained on all inspection equipment to confidently meet drawing specifications.

Parts are carefully packaged & shipped conforming with customer packaging requirements on schedule. DOCK TO STOCK