Two Industries Joined: CNC Milling & 3D Printing

3D printing and CNC milling accomplish the same things; creating a part from a base material. Only they work in completely opposite ways! Additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) is a process that involves building 3D objects with layers of material to form an object or shape. Subtractive manufacturing (or CNC milling), as the name suggests, is the opposite. Rather than adding layers, subtractive manufacturing involves removing sections of material by machining or cutting it away. Basically one builds and the other finishes.

At 3-D Precision Machine we recognize the benefits of both manufacturing approaches & have teamed with our customer base to offer final machining to their 3D printed components. Customers can provide a near-net-part that simulates a casting (only much cheaper) in their desired material. 3-D Precision Machine continues the manufacturing process with these near-net-parts by machining to the required tolerances & surface finishes. This ‘Team’ approach saves our customers time and money while still producing components to rigorous design tolerances. 3-D Precision Machine has extensive knowledge and experience with post machining 3D printed parts in a variety of materials to guarantee our customers:

  • Flexibility- Designs can be made using 3D printed parts where engineers do not need to make critical features tool-accessible (even 5-axis mill are unable to reach some 3D printed geometries).
  • Dimensional Accuracy- Post machining can easily achieve tight tolerance features of ± .001 or better
  • Machined Surface Finishes- S.F. of 8’s or better are easily met with a post polish process step
  • Speed- combining these two technologies greatly reduces lead time & saves our customers money!

The team at 3-D Precision Machine looks forward to the joining of two industries to provide quality manufactured products, on-time, at a competitive price.

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