3D Printing: 3D’s Newest Lean Manufacturing Strategy

The 3-D Precision Machine team adds another valuable service to their extensive list with the inclusion of a 3D printer.

3D Printed Manufacturing Aids Benefits:

  • Aids Verification Testing
  • Allows Efficient Design Revisions
  • Shrink Tool Development Cost & Time
  • Elevate Shop-floor Quality with Quicker Machine Set-ups
  • Environmentally Friendly (using 90% of the raw material with next to no waste)
  • Secure Part Holding = Smoother Production Line

The majority of our customers’ tight tolerance components require custom tooling in order to hold, guide, align and locate parts effectively. 3D printing has given our team the opportunity to develop fixturing that gives more consistent quality at a dramatic cost/ lead time reduction over conventional machining. Fixturing can be designed in minutes and printed overnight for production to begin the very next day, keeping parts on track for expedited delivery.

This new addition keeps our CNC machines capacity devoted to production use, saving our customers expensive NRE tooling charges & valuable lead time!


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